Citation AeroMarine Corporation, builders of State of the Art Luxury Limousine Yacht Tenders and High-Speed Patrol Boats.

Founded in 1990, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals bring Citation Yachts SEV to the "Cutting Edge" of technology using today's most advanced composite materials and patented propulsion and electronic systems.



CItation AeroMarine Corp. showroom and executive offices will be located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in close proximity to Fort Lauderdale International airport and Port Everglades for international shipping.


We have established Dealer / Brokers in California, Spain, Italy, the Caribbean, China, North Africa, UAE, and Australia and presently have interested parties for the Netherlands and Sweden.


Our global network of dealerships cover 4 continents providing our clients with sales and

"24 hours, 7 days a week Fast Response Teams" always available keeping our clients our Number 1 Priority. 


Please direct all Dealer / Broker inquiries to:

Mark LaVenture, Executive VP Global Distribution:









Our Highly Skilled Professional Staff:


Peter V. Sirico,   President, CEO, Founder, Lead Designer


1984-1999  Founder, CEO and Chief Designer for several small residential designs/build construction business’.

1992  Chief designer for $59.5M 238 unit residential housing project “Chadwick” Birmingham, AL

1990 Design and construction of 20’ Formula 1 Modified tunnel-hull prototypes 2-3. Specialized design and construction OJT in a shop with a 4 time World Champion APBA Formula 1 Tunnelhull Race driver and builder of world-class racing hulls.


“Founder, CEO and Chief Designer, Peter Sirico has 40 years of marine industry experience within high-performance boat design and construction.  Early in Peter’s professional career, he was selected as one of only 3 professionals from thousands of applicants to receive the opportunity to help 4 time World Champion APBA Formula 1 Tunnelhull Race Driver with his boat design & construction team.  During this time, Peter provided a significant contribution to the designing and construction of two working prototype 20 ft Formula 1 Modified Tunnelhull boats.  This experience provided Peter with significant knowledge and expertise with the most technologically advanced boat performance design & construction principles.  The advanced design knowledge Peter gained during this time built upon his existing aerodynamics knowledge he had prior to extensive airplane pilot experience.  He had several different private aircraft licenses and many hours of experience flying with the objective to better understand aerodynamic principles.


As part of Peter’s professional background, he has gained significant business experience through founding and operating a very profitable construction business as the CEO for 15 years.  Business attributes this business has provided Peter include financial management, business development, project management, operations management, resource management, hiring practices, asset protection, etc.”




Mark LaVenture, Exec VP, Global Distribution


Mark LaVenture attended Loyola University in Los Angeles and spent three years in the Army during the Vietnam era. After his service, he began his sales career with a Fortune Company, starting as inside sales and customer service and moving on to outside sales and territory management primarily within the healthcare sector. He was responsible for the maintenance and growth of a $40 million dollar territory. After twenty-five years with the same company, Mark retired and decided to marry his two abilities, sales and yachting.

Mark went into yacht sales, concentrating on power and handled many different lines. After successfully working in dealerships with Sea Ray, Azimut, Meridian, Navigator and others, Mark created and built his own yacht Dealership/Brokerage focusing on large, luxury vessels. He has been doing well for almost twenty years with partners such as Sunrise Yachts of Turkey; Tarrab Yachts of Brazil; Richmond Yachts of Canada; Nedship of the Netherlands and Turkey; The Permare Group of Italy and others. Mark has a great reputation in the industry, has numerous friends and contacts throughout the world in many and varied areas of business. He provides great depth and breadth to the Citation team. Mark is VP of Distribution, Transportation, and Training.



Dick Phillips, VP Sales & Marketing


Mr. Phillips has been in the marine industry for over 40 years learning the business from his father who founded Striker Yachts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   Mr. Phillips has started a new company product division for Striker Yachts, growing sales from $0 to $10M in 1st year and to $20MM in year 3. Mr. Phillips has over 30 years experience and knowledge in sales and marketing of multi-million dollar vessels,  logistics, scheduling,  Import and export regulations for both domestic and international venues.

Mr. Phillips continued education in the marine industry, his personal and professional global contacts, makes Mr. Phillips an extremely important and talented person tailor-fitted for the success of Citation Yachts Corporation.




Dr. Ing Jurgen Heinig,     VP of Technologies


Highly experienced in Project Design, Project Management & Project Supervision; from Preliminary Phases through to Delivery and Life Cycle Maintenance. Dr. Heinig possesses several patents that deal directly with the advanced design, construction and drive systems of CYC vehicles. Dr. Heinig has been involved in many state of the art developments such as WIG- Technology, Hydrofoil technology and propulsion developments which are the backbone of the vehicles that CYC will be producing.

Dr. Heinig’s contribution of his advanced technology and patented drive systems will be used exclusively by CYC vehicles. His personal contacts with government officials, experience and knowledge is an extremely valuable asset to CYC to “Setting the Industry Standard” in State-of-the-Art vehicles.`



Michael F. Peters,  Project Engineer


Project Engineer / Global Business & Technology Expert High-Profile Project Engineer with expertise in launching and directing development of technology integration in many engineering disciplines. Summary Successful, experienced global Project Engineer with extensive business experience in the Middle East Region. Accomplished launching a high-productivity, expert development team in an extreme environment. Critical thinker and adept negotiator, who can apply extensive industry knowledge to profitable client partnerships. Articulate communicator blending technical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills while interacting effectively with customers, sales staff, technical, and engineering teams; adept at creating and delivering presentations / demonstrations for private, public, military, and government agencies.



Jim Cutts,   Project Engineer


Marine executive with 30+ years in the maritime industry with real-world experience and a strong background in marine engineering design, project management and sales who can lead a team, division or organization to market success utilizing technical knowledge, cross-discipline proficiency and enthusiastic motivation. Having a record of success and having introduced many of his companies to marine classification organizations (LR, DNV, and BV) and led the engineering teams to produce designs necessary to meet the rigorous demands for full sea-going vessel classification.

While his early experience was with steel and aluminum vessels, for the last 20+ years James has worked with vacuum infused FRP composite structures and has been instrumental in winning multimillion UK pound/US dollar contracts for various vessels manufactured from this modern material. Working in the marine industry on three continents (Europe/UK, Australia and the United States) and having spent years traveling for sales, product support, and customer liaison, James has an excellent global contact database.




Richard E. Brooke,  Naval Architect, P.Eng.  Project Consultant

President & CEO at Richard Brooke Yacht & Naval Architects Limited

Naval Architecture,Yacht Design, Small Craft Engineering & Professional Engineering related to all marine based projects; including Ocean Engineering, ECO Marine Based Energy & Offshore Engineering. Highly experienced in Project Design, Project Management & Project Supervision; from Preliminary Phases through to Delivery and Life Cycle Maintenance. Significant projects and services employed by renown offices such as Sparkman & Stephens, Paola D. Smith, Broward Marine on yachting projects as naval architect, engineering of unique ship board handling systems & underwater equipment, 7 years ship classification & 3rd party industrial; including oil and gas. Ship NA/NB: Lead NA Finnish R/V Aranda, newbuildings cruise/passenger ships involving guarantee management & supervision. Design & project management of 35 small craft/ vessels designed & engineered under his own name. A total of 52 launchings; small craft, yachts, working craft & ships, between 10m and 345m LOA; in steel, aluminum, GRP, FRP and Wood Composites in a 30 year career as a Naval Architect/ Professional Engineer.



Palladium Technologies, Inc.    IT Systems


With over 400 installations worldwide and a support network from UAE, throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, Palladium is positioned to not only continue our product leadership but also to support our growing customer base.


Michael Blake, Founder, and President of Palladium Technologies, Inc.,  has been on the “bleeding edge” of innovative technology for over the last 46 years, specifically in software and electronics development.  His efforts have blended together both of these disciplines, creating complex solutions for NASA, the military weapons defense, Bell Labs, Large Super Computers, Air Traffic Control systems, Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few.  His area of expertise includes software and electronics development, robotics, automated logistic, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, hybrid technology systems, security systems, AV entertainment systems, electronic power generation and management.  He is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the Society of Marine Surveyors, along with being a founding member of The International SeaKeepers Society.







Robert Leaman Sanders    

Malibu, California

The Bahamas, Caribbean Islands


Alberto Scardi            

Milan, Italy


Mohamed Elhalawany

Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan  


Benjamin Clark

Panama, South America


Jason Butcher

Western Canada


Mustafa Erbas

Istanbul, Turkey


Ben Ibekwe

West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Cameroon, Niger, Angola, Benin


Barbara Amerio

Italy, Europe


Herbert Vallejo

Colombia, South America 




AeroMarine, LLC



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